PCD Franchise

WHO GMP Certified PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Panchkula

PCD Pharma Franchise business model is growing nowadays in India. With increasing awareness in health care and government support, the PCD Pharma Franchise business model is gaining popularity. We as Oreo Healthcare provide complete pharmaceutical solutions to customers by delivering quality pharma products. Our product range is 100% genuine and ethical. Our PCD Pharma Franchise is supported by the best infrastructure and we also offer after sales services. Oreo Healthcare is well-known as WHO GMP Certified PCD Pharma Company in Panchkula, offering medicine franchise opportunities at Pan India level.
As a top quality pcd pharma suppliers from Panchkula, Oreo Healthcare is one of the few companies that offer quality pharmaceutical products to customers. To make it easier for individuals who are looking to open their own PCD franchise, Oreo Healthcare has launched this unique PCD Pharma Franchise opportunity. The company is certified by the ISO and WHO and all our drugs are GMP certified.

Benefits of Working with Top Quality Pcd Pharma Suppliers

  • Promotional tools
  • Promotional tools are the key to building brand awareness. They help to connect your brand with your target audience through innovative designs and graphics. Visuals such as ads, promotional materials, product displays, and packaging play an important role in marketing. It is imperative to have quality printed items in order to stay competitive in the market. We provide many promotional tools such as:

  1. Visual Aids
  2. Working bags
  3. Visiting cards
  4. Small gift articles
  5. Diaries
  6. Writing Pads
  7. Covers of catch
  8. Reminder cards
  9. Brochures and product cards, etc.

  • Genuine investment and Good Growth
  • Genuine investment and Good Growth even when you invest less than you normally would. PCD pharma business model is affordable yet highly beneficial. PCD pharma industry is rapidly growing with an estimated annual growth rate of 20% which is faster than any other pharmaceutical market globally. PCD pharma suppliers are globally recognized for offering quality medicines at low cost. We are topmost Pharma Franchise Suppliers in Panchkula, we provide best quality medicines at competitive prices and assure complete customer satisfaction.

  • Desired Domain with Monopoly Rights
  • This tool gives you the benefit of monopoly rights to sell a particular product in any area. This means that there will be less competition and higher profit margins. As a result, your product will be easily sold in the market. And all the clients will come for your product. It will also allow you to get huge volumes. We ensure that you have access to high quality pcd pharma products with great shelf life.

  • Quality Manufacturing by Following All Quality Parameters
  • Quality manufacturing is a must, but it’s important to know what parameters and tests should be used to ensure a product is of the highest quality. We use the WHO Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, which requires that our facility meets all parameters and procedures set forth by the organization. We have a high-tech manufacturing facility which follows GMP. It is one of the only PCD pharma companies that is WHO GMP certified and produces quality products. We manufacture medicines that comply with all pharmaceutical parameters and do not leave any room for doubt that we meet these quality standards.

Rules to Get the Dealing Opportunity in Pharma Franchise by Oreo Healthcare

  1. Minimum qualification is needed as 10th or 12th. Minimum 3-4 years of experience requirement to join our business.
  2. We have an easy business model. We don't require much capital to start our business. There's no restriction on our business.
  3. There’s no hassle of marketing. We give you products and methods on how to market them to the right customers.
  4. You don't need to do the distribution of products.
  5. We have a team of experienced and certified pharma distributors.
  6. We provide training and support to all our pharma franchise.
  7. The only requirement is registration of the mandatory documents including TIN and drug license number.

Why Choose Oreo Healthcare?

In today's dynamic business world, we need all the assistance we can get to help our clients succeed. Our sales team understands your business and provides innovative marketing solutions that deliver results. At Oreo Healthcare, we believe in quality and providing the best solutions to our clients, which is why we offer them only the best. Our PCD Pharma manufacturing facility complies with the stringent requirements set forth by the Good Manufacturing Practices, ISO 9001:2008, International Drug Regulatory Authorities and WHO GMP Certification.